Lavender Infused Honey                     
Lavender Simple Syrup 

​Blueberry Simple Syrup  

Black and Blue Berry Drizzle                    
Lavender Bud Meat  Seasoning


Blueberry Infused Honey                    
Blueberry Infused Vinegar

​Flavored loose leaf teas

Example Bath&Body Selections.

Lavender Bros. Mercantile

 Dried Lavender Bundle                   

Handmade Oatmeal Lavender Soap         

Handmade Blueberry Bliss Soap            

Lavender Bud Sachet                    

Lavender Bud  Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub   
Lavender infused bath salts

Lavender Essential Oil                    

Peppermint Essential Oil     

Foaming lavender hand soap

Lavender lotion 

Lavender Pillow Mist

Lavender lip balm



Possible Edibles

Handmade products using our own farm harvested lavender and blueberries.

Crafted with care by Trisha.

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